Claims Management

Claims Management

Foster Park Brokers Inc. can work with you to advocate, track, and assess what kind of claim trend issues may exist and develop a plan to deal effectively with your specific exposures and requirements.


At FPB, we have made a conscious effort NOT to create a formal claims unit in our office. We believe that your claim is best handled by your own, independent service team. A claim is the most stressful part of any insurance process, and you deserve to deal with a trusted voice when those claims happen. This decision confirms FPB’s stance that every client is unique, and our corporate structure will reflect that.

Predictability in an Unpredictable World

The claims process can be long and frustrating. Every claim is a bit different, and that reality creates a complicated process. Our goal at FPB Insurance is to be the one reliable constant for you. We will be your advocate to ensure service levels are high, and settlements are fair.

At FPB we will help you navigate through the claims process, and take the lead when complications arise. After all, we worked together to place the coverages, and we will continue to work together when those coverages are required.